Behold a Pale Horse [Milton William Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bill Cooper, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing . VANCOUVER, BC May 6, - Please feel free to download and freely distribute a pdf of Milton William Cooper's book. "BEHOLD. A. PALE HORSE". Milton William Cooper .. said they have proof that I belong to a white racist organization. Someone said that they found my name.

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"BEHOLD A PALE HORSE" Milton William Cooper And I looked, and behold a .. Others have said they have proof that I belong to a white racist organization. Milton William "Bill" Cooper (May 6, – November 5, ) was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. "BEHOLD A PALE HORSE" PDF Milton William Cooper, Naval Intelligence, of understanding the mind set of White Supremacy then & now, a must read.

What do they want? Why are they here? View all 5 comments. Every conspiracy theorist. A friend of mine recommended this book to me and told me if I want to get the book I shouldn't use a credit card so that the government wouldn't know I'm reading it. Upon hearing this, I immediately dropped everything I was doing and ran to the nearest bookstore to get this book. I made sure to use cash. I got totally into it.

The book is written by a former military guy who decides to tell all about the American government. He discusses the secret socieites like the Illuminati, Protocols of the A friend of mine recommended this book to me and told me if I want to get the book I shouldn't use a credit card so that the government wouldn't know I'm reading it.

If you're into that sort of thing this book is definitely for you. I'm sure the book contains a lot of truths, but there were some parts that were just too unrealistic for me.

Nonetheless, it's still a good one. View all 9 comments. Jan 15, Paul rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Realists,Enquiring Minds. Aside from the UFO stuff which is interesting but not something I have seen enough to be proven true to me,Bill Cooper was a prophet. I don't think I have ever called anyone a prophet. His chapters on Executive Orders that can be issued by the President are so applicable to todays news regarding Obamas attempts to push through executive orders regarding gun law.

He explains his mostly believeable theories clearly and concisely with reference to back up his statements. Sep 26, Austin rated it it was amazing.

As with all anecdotal evidence and unsubstantiated claims, one must take care not to jump head over heels into full on belief without taking outside knowledge into consideration; regardless, Mr. Cooper lays out an extremely detailed set of documents which, while describing an incredibly perverse and corrupt state of reality, are also actually believable in a lot of ways. The idea that we are being governed by an oligarchy and not truly being represented is very controversial for obvious reasons, As with all anecdotal evidence and unsubstantiated claims, one must take care not to jump head over heels into full on belief without taking outside knowledge into consideration; regardless, Mr.

The idea that we are being governed by an oligarchy and not truly being represented is very controversial for obvious reasons, but it is also an idea which is getting harder and harder to shoot down as we watch the state of the world around us. The controversy surrounding the publishing and distribution of this book, coupled with the controversy surrounding Mr. Cooper's death, seems to indicate that something is amiss, and perhaps there are some actual secrets that he has exposed.

A good friend of mine worked at a large book retailer and told me that whenever someone bought this book with a credit card, he was instructed to add their name to a list. Anecdotes are anecdotes, but if that story is true, there must be more than meets the eye. Jul 19, Michelle rated it it was ok. Ok, this guy is effin' nuts, and I love paranormal books so that's kinda saying something. I really don't understand why this is such a cult classic. It appears to be not much more than the ramblings of someone whose gone completely off the deep end - which could be enjoyable, if only the book were better written.

I don't want my paranormal books to be a chore to read. They are like my literary junk food. I read them when I'm "cheating" on "real" literature. This book - augh! I Ok, this guy is effin' nuts, and I love paranormal books so that's kinda saying something. For example, there was more than one instance where the author brings up a film and then goes on to say "these movies were based on real events. Want to know the movies?

View all 10 comments. Aug 14, Steve Cran rated it it was amazing. Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Perhaps you do not. Once you read this book you may change your mind.

I myself am not one for conspiracy theories and I may not necessarily download into all the author's conclusions but after reading this book I now have my eyes opened. William Cooper served in the military with high honors. He served on boat crew and submarines during the Vietnam War and he also served in air force. Numerous times during his service he spotted several UFOs and heard a g Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Numerous times during his service he spotted several UFOs and heard a great many stories. He was told in a nutshell to keep his mouth shut.

His book will dedicate one chapter on UFO's. Most of the book is concerned with the Illuminati or secret societies that plan on taking control of the world. In the up coming chapters he details their plans and he supports his contentions by and large with legitimate and track able information.

Oh and let us not forget the Catholic Church and the Black Nobility. Oops I forgot the Knights of Malta. It seems that all influential individuals have had some sort of affiliation with one or more of these groups. The information is track able and cannot be sneezed at. What exactly is there plan.

The first part of the plan is to control the currency, a job made easier with the advent of computer and technology. Control the currency and you control the country. We use reserve notes now not actual money. Something to think about.

Loans are easy to come by but just because you borrowed money does not mean you own the property. The Bank can claim it anytime. Easy credit makes people complacent and lazy.

So does welfare. Part of their plan is to destroy the family unit. This destruction is brought about by the excessive day care centers for poor people. Both parents or single parents working means the system raises your children. The education is also being tampered with. Children in poorer areas are being given an inferior education and are allotted fewer resources.

Uneducated people are easier to control. The media also puts ideas into the minds of the people ,especially with high material demands of some upper class females. The man had better give in or he is whipped.

This sort of set up leaves the man as spineless and unable to raise his children. It easy then for him to send his sons off to war. There have always been secret societies. People like belonging to the special crowd of people.

They like being the elite. Joining entails initiation, special passwords and rituals. These help to ensure loyalty to people and ideologies. Most of these organizations have been dedicated to Luciferian principles and their symbol was often that of the serpent. The Serpent represented Wisdom or illumination. These secret societies have motives for running the world.

Some think they are doing what is best for mankind while other are more sinister. Either way they view the common people as cattle that to be lead and ruled.


Many of these organizations have separate agendas. The Catholic Church wants the Pope in power. The Church is assisted by the Knights of Malta.

Other organizations wish to run the show behind the scenes. The Black Nobility are the old royalty of Medieval Europe and they are still a power to be reckoned with. They might even be more powerful now that they are out of Royal power.

As far as the United States is concerned the Secret Organization have special plans to abolish the constitution and erect work camps for various people. The president has through certain clauses the ability to write certain orders that do not require congress or the Judicial branch of government.

During national emergencies the constitution can be suspended indefintiley. The government also has files and information on patriots and others who might fight this problem and all the pertinent information that pertains. When the time comes the government has set up detention centers ready to receive these patriots.

At this point they will be reprogrammed or killed. The Illuminati's plan is one world government and enslaving the world. In their world we will have no right. Just think about this , the prison industry is the fastest growing industry. Convicts will be expected to perform labor for free.

Behold a Pale Horse : Exposing the New World Order by William Cooper (Paperback, 1950-1999)

Sounds like slavery to me. Let us not forget FEMA. They have authority that kicks in as soon as a national emergency develops. The Constitution is suspended and they take control. Iron Mountian is an entire city under ground literally.

It also has and alternate president, congress, judiciary you name it they got it. UFOs play a big part. They have already established contact. They also have the bodies of dead aliens.

File:Behold a Pale Horse.pdf

One crashed UFO even had the body parts of humans which goes to show that they are abducting humans and using them for experiments. Needless to say diplomatic relations have already been established.

We have a few of them here as hostages and they have some of ours. Apparently a secret agreement has been reached. They give us technology and the government allows them to experiment on people. The experiments are supposed to be few in number and are not supposed to harm the subjects.

This has been breached by the aliens but our technology is not sufficient to fight them. The contends that we already have sent people to Mars, Venus, and even Jupiter. We have colonies on the moon and other places. Astronauts and airforce pilots have attested to not only seeing UFOs but also to having been accompanied by them.

What is the Alien agenda, why of course to control our world which they do through the secret societies who in turn manipulate people through Occult groups, religion, Santanism and what have you. The book has a lot. It maybe hard to slog though but what you read will blow you away. Jan 08, Joe Blow rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Alex Jones Nuts, F. Some pretty good theories but some of it seems a might bit far fetched. The author tends to bog down in too much information yes, it is important in this case but still!!

A King? A Prince? An Earl or a Duke? A Freemason?

I am none of these things but, I know who they are and what they do, I am Leo They are they, and we are them. Expect us.

By Leo. What is before them, on show A dragon, an insectoid, a faerie, a ghost An alien grey, a possessed body, a host A God from the past, fallen from high, Loki, Thor, Odin Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Jupiter, Lucifer and Wodin A druid, a prince, from darkness, he arrives To Lord over, control, make miserable, our lives A vampire, a spectre, a ghoul, Dracuul A blue blood, a bloodline, an imposter, a wraith Blurring reality, bending light, diminishing our faith A Succubus, an Incubus, a goblin, an orc, a thing A predator, a nonce, a pillar of the community, a freemasonic ring A ring of Saturn, the Pope, a mafia Don Kiss his ring, of Saturn, his arsehole, Sauron This circle, this fraternity, this club, this cabal, it is old, velvet glove and iron fist These elites, these bluebloods, these Nephilim, descendants of Fallen Angels?

I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds! He desires that we work together, in one accord, to obey Him and reflect His glory.

Do not be shaken Church for it is a good thing if you are in Christ! Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight; everything is uncovered and exposed before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Hebrews Pastor John Preface Poems can speak if only one will lend an ear Hear this now, O foolish people, Without understanding, Who have eyes and see not, And who have ears and hear not: Words shared in a most ancient text that if taken to heart will teach all who wish to receive a truth that poetry is an informed way of heightening your understanding and appreciation for the power of the word becoming flesh in your life like that of the ancient text we call Psalms that have given great comfort in the most difficult of times we all must face.

A living word touches your spirit as it alters your mind and heart like the creation of time that ticks away leading each of us to eternity's doorway that we will never see till we meet the unseen on that final day. Poems are meant to be read aloud and slowly in a healthy, relaxed tone of voice as your spirit determines points of pause that do speak to your soul to meditate upon the living word that breathes life into the depth of who you are.

The most exciting part of your journey into "Sonnet Of A Man" is the secret treasure you must find verse by verse searching for the lessons about life, the nature of humans and even the most profound secrets about the author and that of yourself.

Poems can mirror your life through written by another uncovering the deepest of emotions giving hope and a reason to carry on for the benefit of your fellow kind. My rhymes and lyrics are about life; my life and your life with a mix of darkness and an essence of light that living does gift us within hope and love of a man touched by God.

Mysteries do unfold when the heart of a human becomes one with the Maker entering into a paradise that few can find as most simply wander a desert of life looking for an oases only to see a mirage that disappoints time and time again. John Michael Sheehan Dr.

John Michael Sheehan Why has my pain become unending, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed? You indeed have become like a mirage to me- water that is not reliable. We serve humanity with love and hope! Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.


All rights reserved A Mans Biography The Biography of a man being a story of words about man is not something I wish to share for when we all come I to I with each other all we can see is more or less and some equal from man to man.

So I will simply look above to value the measure of a man finding myself not less or more, but just like you. Theological training from schools of higher learning can be a blessing for this I know for I have done many, but without God none of that matters.Historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke described the book as a "chaotic farrago of conspiracy myths interspersed with reprints of executive laws, official papers, reports and other extraneous materials designed to show the looming prospect of a world government imposed on the American people against their wishes and in flagrant contempt of the Constitution.

But why would a high ranked big military official write this? On site this book has just 30 customer reviews, with a 4-star average. This manna is the gift from God that gives life to all who receive; to remind them of God's love, provision, and care.

File:Behold a Pale Horse.pdf

They are engaged in a war with the citizens of the US and they are winning, because no one wants to wake up and think for themselves. A Kabbalist? I also was told that the author of this book was killed after the book was published and ma I read this back when I was in college and it left me thinking.

I read them when I'm "cheating" on "real" literature. John Michael Sheehan Dr. Eagar, Arizona , U.